May 9, 2017

     (I went outside to my back yard and saw a huge black Bird. It just settled on the wire and I noticed that the smaller birds did not move which ordinarily they would do in a second. I said Sandalphon? I then repeated it another couple of times and then I saw a huge span of wings and the birds still sitting and knew it was Sandalphon.)

     “I take many forms. I have returned for this message. The turmoil that is manifesting will have serious underlying effects. Disbelief and lack of needed discovery will cause much anger. People are being affected by those in charge in a way that has deep effects on awareness that there is a lack of trust in the USA. This type of feeling can spread and continue until it is sudden immeshed in lack of trust as previously mentioned but also a feeling inwardly of hidden things. It is best to keep Self in a somewhat separate observer type of state of mind. I come as the Black Bird from beyond deliberately showing the heaviness of things at hand. In this form I am big and I am deeply hidden, yet I have and show my strength. Turmoil is ahead. Be alert.”


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