May 10, 2017
     Marcia with Patricia

    (The first message comes for Patricia and then for both of us. The ones sending messages on Tues. or Wed. are very high angels who have been communicating with me weekly. The Beings that have come above the Earth are here but have not yet communicated. Patricia is being given information on how to begin to receive their message and she will then send it to me. My communication with the first group and other Beings will continue.)

     “We come. Though we are late – seemingly late, we wanted to contact in a different way. This information can be added to the site for there is learning we are sending. You have heard of much discord in the earth and this is not the earth itself, but also its inhabitants.

     (Direction for Patricia: You are not as open as needed. It is not that this is a problem, but just an alert that if you open your mind as you are doing, other things you can receive as guidance. There are avenues in place where information can be sent for you to develop the smoother skill which just takes practice. We are aware of steps to be taken but the time has not yet arrived. You will know what to do if you clear your mind for sensing and guidance. As with any new skill or we could call it skill that has been born in you, it increases as you use it. This is why the urge to have paper and pen available for notes. You concentrate on your family but there is always room for guidance and it just takes having close tools, meaning pen and paper at hand. Listen as a door opens for you.“  Do not fall into a pattern of ‘I don’t have time’, for time can always be used in different ways.”)

     “Now for both. You have heard much advice as to awareness. Though it is not clear, this is the time to Listen Immediately When You Sense There Is A ‘Calling’. Above the earth there is what you might call a Cloud except it is not, though it looks like one. This is a Group Of Beings With High Skills. They come in Peace and they are willing to mentally reach out to give Support and Knowledge. Be aware of them for they are a Highly Treasured Group Of Beings Who Lead With Love. They are willing to Send Thought – short but fast and these should be written and then, as you share, understanding comes with it. This Is An Opening For Light and The Knowledge To Be Shared That Comes With Light.”

     (For P: The problem with health is because you are wound too tightly. Your body needs rest.)

    “We go for now and are looking forward to seeing the doors open.”



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