May 13, 2017

   “We fly in the Sky in different forms. Slowly the steps forward are being taken to get this far. Here is our message. Sounds have been coming for some time. Most of the earth does not hear them or ignores them. Still, there should be concentration on when and where they are heard. The turmoil spoken of previously is steady in its spread. In this case many are aware of the unhealthy nature of these energies generated. Anger spreads. Give yourself some distance. It is those who take time to listen and to look who are up to date and yes, you did see ships a few days ago. To those Light Workers who know my words there are no words that will help the advancement of knowing unless time is taken to listen to the Inner Self. Patience is not a word that anyone wants to hear but at this point it is the only thing to help you advance. You will have guidance.



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