May 16, 2017

     “Our subject today is somewhat different. To some it will be understood, to others it will be a puzzle. We come to an AREA IN TIME THAT HAS BEEN FORETOLD. All of the signs need not be told for some actions will be clear. Also, some must find their own way. There have been many times when no amount of telling can convince some people. The Bible has examples of this. Once this path has been taken there will be nothing needed to convince people that these things are going to manifest. How do you handle things that are new? Have guidance that will steer you in the right direction. Listen to SENSING, FEELINGS or what some would call a GUT FEELING. Don’t panic for that produces a barrier that slows down guidance. Be careful that you are Not Caught Up In Fear. If you are surrounded by others, then remove yourself to a calmer area if possible. “This too shall pass” is a known saying, but there must be awareness that time and actions move forward before it is the ‘past’. SUPPORT EACH OTHER. PRAY TO GOD FOR PEACE AND STRENGTH. The Light will come but there is DARKNESS BEFORE THERE IS LIGHT.   Blessed Be.”



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