May 16, 2017

       “You have received two messages that give clear information of turmoil ahead. Prepare mentally is the best guideline I can give. This will be a WAKEUP CALL. Panic sometimes spreads like fire. It has been said but I repeat, stay as separate as you can from others’ fears. Give encouragement when there is a need and openness. It is not the time to talk about steps to take. If there is an openness give encouragement, but don’t ‘soft soap’ the situation. You will be very busy as said before for guidance and support will be needed. Still, each person should make sure that the Self is not forgotten. There will be a need for help and animals will need support and care. Take each time of the day and find moments that can be used for A PAUSE IN TIME, A PAUSE FOR HEARING, FOR CORRECTION OF THE SELF and its Need For Support. Things will move quickly and it is important that the Self and the Inner Self not to get overloaded.

       This will not be a time where the world doesn’t take time for other people for there will be unexpected chaos and help should be given. This does not take away from previous guidance that speaks of separation. They both are important. It is the overwhelming changes that will test the strength of the American people. Do not put yourself down if you find there is an overwhelming feeling that makes you feel the mind has a mind of its own. This is true, but for most it is under control. It may be that you find that your entire body appears to have a mind of its own. This will pass. You know how to calm people, but let it cross your path if help is needed instead of looking for it. This may sound cold, but there will be enough need without looking. The Heavens, as you have been told, are Near To The Earth. Keep the connection strong and be ready to hear or sense guidance.       That is all for now.



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