May 16, 2017

     “We begin. Turmoil has been spoken of and yet there will be many who pass it by. This is always the case. It’s commonly called denial. Yet we say to you that even with First Signs there will be those who turn away. This will be those who find themselves in a ‘too late’ category. We say the most important words over and over. Now we move forward. CONFUSION is handled in many ways. Some try to hide, some struggle to maintain balance and some lose a sense of reality. These are not new ideas for it shows in disasters as well as stressful situations.

     When you feel yourself drifting from normal behavior, it is best to take a SLOW, DEEP BREATH AND THEN EXHALE. For SITUATIONS THAT OVERWHELM it is best to WALK WHETHER IT IS IN CIRCLES OR FORWARD MOVEMENT. THIS HELPS THE BODY TO RELAX. Sometimes you have to wade through a situation keeping yourself focused on just the fact that you are moving. PATIENCE is seldom mentioned, but is also a needed skill. YOU WILL BE TESTED.”



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