May 25, 2017

     “Listen well. It has been long since I have spoken. It saddened me to see what is happening in different parts of the world. Love moves forward in many ways in the midst of sorrow and evil. Those in the world who have waited so patiently are holding on, but it is difficult. I come to give support, to say ‘Hold On A Little Longer. Don’t Give Up.’ I know your struggles and the road to the Light has been long and difficult – like climbing a mountain and still reaching for the top. There Will Be Signs, you will know, no one will have to tell you when the time for the new beginnings makes its entrance. All is in place. We know those whose heart reaches outward and we know those whose evil ways are being spread. DO NOT LOSE HEART, DO NOT FALTER, STAY STRONG FOR YOUR STRENGTH WILL BE NEEDED.

     You Light Workers will come alive with new purpose. The reason you came is not clear, but you will know what to do and you will have support and then understanding will flow forth. MY CHILDREN, I SURROUND YOU WITH LOVE FROM MY HEART. Though you may not feel my presence I stand with you in my heart. YOUR LIGHT WILL SHINE. BE STRONG, YOUR TIME OF BEGINNING IS ON ITS WAY. BE PATIENT. YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY LOVE. DO NOT GIVE UP. THERE IS HELP AND SUPPORT NEAR BY.”



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