May 31, 2017

     “This is a time when we are speaking to you and another – deliberately. We understand that the nerves of the Light Workers are stretched and frayed. On and on it goes, learning, listening, thinking and still we see the frustration which is why Mary came. We know over a period of time the feelings of excitement of coming events told only to be seen by a few, and some aspects not known. This is a crucial time for Light Workers to Hang On For Dear Life as it is said on earth. A Little Longer and then ALL HELL WILL SEEM TO BREAK LOOSE. This is what we need you to understand. IT MUST BE and the reasons cannot all be told which is why it will be a difficult time, but listen, YOU WILL KNOW PEACE AND YOUR LIGHT WILL NO LONGER BE HIDDEN.  YOU WILL HAVE AN INNER PEACE AND FIND GUIDANCE TAKES AWAY MOST CONCERNS. Remember THIS IS A ONE TIME GLOBAL EVENT. Remember planning started at THE Beginning OF TIME. Remember this is Not The First Time You Have Been Involved in the Planning and the KNOWLEDGE GAINED THAT YOU KNEW SOMETIME WOULD COME FORTH IN A FUTURE TIME. This is why the Light Workers will have a SENSE OF CALMNESS which will amaze and be helpful to others. We tell you this and encourage you to remember that LIGHT SHINES, that LIGHT IS TO BE SHARED, that LIGHT HAS MANY CAPABILITIES BOTH SEEN AND UNSEEN. You may think it will be a learning time and that is true, but it will also be a REMEMBERING TIME WHICH FLOWS FORWARD LIKE A RIVER THAT NEEDS NO GUIDANCE. Yet we urge you to realize that you will have GUIDANCE IF NEEDED. You and the other Light Workers WILL STEP FORWARD AS IF WALKING A KNOWN PATH SO WE SAY TO YOU, KEEP LOOKING FORWARD, KEEP OBSERVING THE SIGNS, AND KEEP THE FAITH. That is all for this particular message.”



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