June 4, 2017

     “Slowly, things are changing and will be noticed. The best step to take at this time is Calmness. When there appears the evil that is present in the world, be aware, but separate self from the energy they spread. This is the time when awareness of the Self comes first for it is the Light Workers who must be steady in intent. Don’t look and mourn at how long progress has moved forward. Look at the unbelievable carnage that is spreading, not just in war but in families.

     This time is like holding on to a boat or ship that is plowing through unknown waters. You can see why we say ‘Don’t Give Up’. Those who have done so will pay a high price.

     There are steadfast Light Workers and people with good intent who are puzzled at the turmoil in their world but hold on to faith. Take it Day by Day when you hear new news and loss of life planned or family killings. Think of the power and/or strength that is building for many day by day. We treasure those who are adding to the steps forward each day. The time will come when their Strength will be needed and their Patience rewarded. Blessed Be.


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