June 9, 2017

     “You see that movement, my movement has increased in speed. This is just a sample of how quickly reactions must move. We see that there are those who un-claiming any frustration have ‘tightened up’ and ready to move forward. I say these words carefully and expect that it will be heard carefully. Prepare For War In Many Forms. There may be war within the minds of many causing unusual reactions or war in its main meaning.

     If you look back over many, many messages you may begin to understand some meanings that were not understood at the time. Also, the understanding can be added to from other information given. There will not be time to dwell on these things. It is like putting together a possible stepping back and seeing the picture. BE ALERT I say to you who listen. This has been said before but is deliberately repeated.

     You noticed I flew low as I suddenly appeared. It is that ‘form’ that is a guide. Move Quickly, Stay Low, Conserve Your Strength. For those who can see and hear, by now you recognize that your actions must be based on many forms and speed is necessary. Those who think there will be calmness around them with magical views in the sky are Wrong. LET YOUR MIND REST. LEAVE ROOM FOR GUIDANCE TO COME THROUGH. WE WILL BEGIN SOON. WE SEND CHANGES IN SOUND AND LIGHT. BLESSED BE.”


     (Note: I was outside heading back to the house when I suddenly saw a smaller strange bird manifest right before my eyes. It was only about two feet over the roof. I immediately dropped what I had in my hands and ran inside to record His message. Sandalphon’s whole being, no matter what form, now manifests Speed.)



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