June 10, 2017

   “The pattern of looking, listening is, as you see, changing. It is the awareness that will open hearing to others. Those who daydream as they look at the Sky will miss me though I am close. My travels are many. Do not expect me to wait for those who see me are already aware that words and actions are moving quickly. A patient attitude is necessary.

   The sounds you hear will, at first, just be a puzzling thing. The Sounds will then Grow Heavier And That Is When Your Attention Will Be Needed. Remember that for you (m.) notes are to be taken. The pets will be very aware and reassurance and calmness is to be used. As this change is a one time event, instinct must be quick in decisions and action. At some point Fear will begin to be felt. This is when control is to be used quickly, but as comfortable as can be manifested. Different aspects will work for individuals. There is no path which works the same for each person. A sense of tiredness is part of Stress.   Momentary quietness and Calm Breathing will help. We are with you in Spirit.”


(Note: This time Sandalphon was seen from a window, flying from a tree and in a smaller form than usual.)


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