June 13, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     “These words we give must be, as always, word for word as the time now is growing toward speed in connections. They may have different meanings for the Light Workers for they are tuned to and ready for not only words but actions. That is why we emphasize word for word. This does not imply different levels but simply different awareness. It is like group meetings where individuals contribute various and different knowing.

     (Adriane joined in.) Enter the area of our space. Be aware we can reach you. We know and are aware now of the two and so we step forward. It has been somewhat obvious that the warnings have become more often. For some this is a normal thing and not related to a particular outside influence. As the Sky, in a sense, darkens it will also be the time for Steps Toward Light. The previous guidelines on what to look for are still in place. However, as if on a higher level, and in fact it is, there will be other happenings that can be seen by many. This does not take away information previously given at any time. It is rather like someone with better eyesight can see more. We give this knowing because some may discount a previous message when they see more. It is not more valuable than the other but simply availability here and beyond.

     Many times it has been emphasized that planning began at the Beginning Of Time. At some point there will be more emphasis on the connections but for now we are in the Now and the huge amount of experiences will take up the mental space. Listen as the days go by one by one, but very quickly for in that advanced listening will be unspoken guidance which will be understood without words. This is not everyone, but many who are on earth for a particular reason.

     Sound, as said before, will be like a divider for it is Sound That Attracts and it is Sound that causes fear. It is an important part of the BEGINNING OF THE NEW AGE-World. It is the Sound that the Light Workers are most sensitive to. We emphasize as we have before to Be Prepared and Use Your Strength not to pull away, but to be aware of your bodies and your mind for it Will Cause A Reaction In Your Body. Knowing this it can be handled – an advantage over those who must wade through the Sound. It will be a very, very busy time for it cannot be ignored.

     Adriane, listen. Your time in the last months has been very difficult as you know. Somewhere in your requirements there must be space for connections not just in this forum but also that which can come closer to earth. Knowing this we are aware that you understand that this is an important time and that there needs to be an awareness of listening and recording, whether it is a few words or sensing. This too will sometimes be given like a flash and that means awareness must be intent.”

     (A: I am aware and I am just waiting. We all are just waiting as the turmoil on earth continues to grow in quite horrible situations. I am aware that I have just recently become aware that the Eclipse will trigger something on a spiritual level. It may be a physical one, but I was speaking more on energy and spiritual levels and its path across the U.S. was chosen for this time. A Sun to Earth Experience For The Earth itself, not just the people, the planet itself. The path across the Eclipse totality will trigger deep within the Earth Energy Packets waiting to be open – waiting eons. This is a very important Eclipse. This will repeat in Europe the next year – the Energy Packets opening – the same thing. Releasing, allowing the governer on it. ( like on a car -governer – to regulate the speed of.) The energy level can only reach a certain level – it is opening up, taking off the governer that would keep the energy down from reaching its maximum. Opening up the energy level radiates out and upward, it doesn’t stay in the earth.”)

     “The description is accurate. We believe that those who are scientifically oriented will have a much better understanding, but perhaps not the overall purpose. It will be felt and those who have not experienced movement in the ground will be more upset than those who have experience an earthquake.     We must go now, but for this week we will add Thursday.”




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