June 15, 2017
   Marcia with Adriane

   “We are here with much to say. There are large amounts of disbelieving people who go to some length to read information on the future and then ignore it. At first we thought this was a particular message but it is an increasing pattern. We think it is because there is so much turmoil on earth that it just cannot be ingested. It is an interesting unusual pattern. So, we proceed and make it a point to enfold the words with more advanced meanings.

   We see the beginning of the changes and much information from the Sky people we call them, the ones in their Ships. It is subtle and at times they like the animals response with no knowing of the reason. We are, as you have felt, speaking deliberately very slowly. This allows the energy to go with the words in a different pattern. It does take some patience, but will be worthwhile. We see the color YELLOW around your house (m.) and that is not accidental. It is not just for looks. It creates a pattern of rank. It delineates an energy and this is known by knowing ships. It is like an anchor once the correction has been made. As for body reactions it has been activated. That is why there is movement inside. It is not necessary to try to understand or perceive but simply to let it be.

   Adriane, your job at present is in Force. This means dealing with and connecting with different levels you have not normally perceived. You will know whether to engage by viewing or connect by speaking. Do not dismiss if the words or energies are not ones you have heard before. Simply know they mean no harm and expect to be able to transfer electric information which may be for you to direct to a particular area. On the other hand it may be a quick connecting here and gone. The meaning will come to you later. We tell you this so that these appearances will be more accepting though they are different. You have not met or experienced some of the Beings who will be on your wave length. Though they may not speak, let them proceed and honor them. They are Hidden In Time but they are very aware of their climate changing abilities. There knowing goes back in time, but they are not usually known not only on earth, but in different levels. Marcia, you will hear some interesting things that Adriane will pass to you to record. They are Important Beings. They Rarely Come To Earth – They Are No Nonsense, extremely powerful and it is an HONOR For Them To Make Themselves Known.”

   (a: They are the Leaders of That Particular Energy Force. I am grateful that they are willing to interact with me and we will be working with the Earth and hopefully the Earth will benefit with our actions.)

   “Wonders will come forth. You both will be conduits and others who have not heard of this (and it has been deliberately sheltered) will be surprised. THIS INFORMATION WILL BE NEW TO EARTH. We say continue to observe the Sky and we now leave.”



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