June 11 and 17, 2017

   “You are aware of the morning calmness. This is not in all areas, but it is an example of moments of calmness. Notice how quickly the body responds. There will be moments of this calmness that helps the body to rest even if there is movement. Taking moments to breathe inwardly slowly will be very helpful to the body. Notice the smoothness of my flight. This is the time when peacefulness may be felt even if it is just for a day. I will finish my thought later in the day.        (It actually came on the 17th.)

   (Note: Sandalphon’s flight was like hearing soft music. It was beautiful to watch before he quickly disappeared.)


June 17, 2017

   This is a Continuation. The earth, in deep places of the earth has slowly reacted to incoming energies. The carefully prepared mixtures have proven to be as was surmised. Very few people have been affected but this will change. These are tiny but important steps forward. It is felt that the long waiting of those who are the Light Bearers will soon be over and slowly There Will Be Signals. Concentrate now on CALMNESS. Leave room in your mind for messages to enter. As you listen, if you do not understand, hold the thought or feeling somewhat like a barrier. There will be no time for thought to develop when action is needed. It will be, for many, like opening a door. It will take no plan or decision, it will automatically be Time For Action. Notes may be necessary instead of complete sentences. Your next step forward will begin to give you the insight that is already there. Continue to focus on the Light Within. That is all.



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