June 18, 2017
10:25 p.m.

   “Are you comfortable?” (m: Yes, thank you.) We begin our new journey. Our contact with Earth seemed to be beyond happening, yet here we are. As we grow into the energy of the earth we are astounded at its beauty. The cloud of hate is deadening its beauty and its inhabitants. We hardly know where to begin, but we are at peace with your comfort. We begin with introductions.

   WE ARE A GROUP WITHOUT A NAME. OUR POWER EXTENDS IN MANY DIRECTIONS AND MANY WAYS. WE HAVE NO INTENSE REACTIONS FOR OUR POWER IS KNOWN AND IS LIGHTENING FAST. Are you comfortable with us? (m: Yes, of course, for I honor you.) Well spoken and we now can begin.

   The coolness around your body is because we have shifted energy for a more comfortable connection. We are mindful that some things we say will not be understood at first but understanding will grow. In places the Earth is hungry for attention. There is a flatness, an almost dead feeling. We see the Earth quickly and our eyesight knows no bounds. There are those on Earth we have found who treasure her for her beauty and her gifts. Sadly we see ugly areas which has deadened the Inner Earth. This is not to imply any weakness in the Inner Earth People for they are MAGNIFICENT BEINGS. Their kindness is extraordinary. We will be contacting them.

   Listen well. WE WILL USE OUR ENERGY TO HELP BROTHER EARTH. As has been told, many unusual things will begin to happen. STAY STEADY AND BE PREPARED for our guidance.”



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