June 20, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane


   “We have watched THE BEGINNING. YES IT IS HERE, and yes, your dogs have a ‘knowing’. This is the time for both of you (m: and a:) to be connected with SOUND. Simply listen and feel if there is a Symbol For Guidance. We are choosing our words very carefully for others, the Light Workers, to read and perceive what we are presenting.

   Long has this been planned. Long has there been waiting. We begin with the Background of Movement. At first this will be again the word that frustrates and that is slow movement but with a change of Higher Awareness that involves inner feeling. This is correct and what you might say is ‘everything is on target’. We already feel uneasiness in those who are tuned to earth. This Is The Time To Anchor Yourself To Your Inner Self And That Needs No Explanation. PATIENCE SHOULD BEGIN. This again is no time to think of events sliding by. Remember that this will also be a BEGINNING. That thought should help when the movement becomes stronger. Stay a little separate from others for you will need your strength.

   I want to talk to Adriane. This talk will have to be perceived and so I carefully choose my words. TIME will begin to move quickly, more so than before. It may feel at times that it is flying pass you and it may be. Take what you know but leave a little space to prepare yourself for perhaps, probably a Difference. Also, Adriane, do not be too concerned if a thought flies by you. It may appear later. It is the Speed of Energy that flies and is difficult to perceive at its speed.

   Marcia, your mind has been traveling almost non stop. You know that. When the   tremors begin it is best to anchor yourself including your mind during that phase. As it passes you can continue with your Mind Travels.

   No amount of training or learning can guide you with some unknown response. However, it does mean that YOU ANCHOR TO YOUR INNER SELF AND KNOWING.   This also goes for the LIGHT WORKERS. The difficult thing will be when you have control but others around you with their frantic response are ‘losing it. Again, CONNECT INWARDLY. We would remind all that there are hundreds and hundreds of ships closer to earth than they ever have been. They are primed and ready with extremely Mental Knowing.

   It Is The RUMBLE That Will Disturb As It Gets Louder And Then When The Earth Expands, It Will Be Felt. We are drifting away and will return tomorrow. Blessed Be.”



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