June 21, 2017

   “There is stirring in the Earth which is not really anything new. THIS WILL SPREAD. Over and over you have heard the same thing. Many have become complacent. My ‘fly by’ is to bring attention to spoiled goods. Be More Aware Of What You Eat And The Result To Your Body. You have done that but many have not. When we spoke of change and the feelings and effect on the body we are now seeing Physical Results Of Food. Parents, be Extra Careful of the food that your children eat. Help them to understand the reason for changes. It is taken for granted that what you buy is healthy. Many times it is not. Also, we would advise that more attention to the amount of food eaten be given awareness. We know that many will scan this information and give it no further thought. At times this will have unhealthy reactions at a time when good health is needed.   That is all for now.”


(Note – m:   Recently I had a severe case of food poisoning. I’m told I had a ‘close call’. It was a horrible experience. There was a new breakfast food on the market. Because I have allergies I always scan the contents. I read it quickly…it seemed okay and as it was new I decided to try it. There was no immediate reaction but I didn’t feel like lunch so just had something cool to taste. Later I again didn’t feel like more food. And then, it hit me. I felt a burning sensation just below my throat which slowly spread throughout my upper body. The scary part was feeling it also slowly move down spreading all over. It was so severe I laid down and my two dogs each laid down by my side with pressure on my body. Water helps …lots of it….but it was a slow, slow recovery. After a few days I called the company with information on where I bought it. When I was well enough to go to the store I realized they had stop carrying that product. Recently at two different stores I found a favorite cheese that was spoiled.   So….be careful.)     



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