June 24, 2017
     Marcia with Patricia

     (m: This information came for Patricia and she has agree to have it on the site.)

     “Strength, Toughness, and Mental Carefulness is important. Listen more from your right ear, leave space mentally behind the ear or specifically in the head. Your fastness is pulling against you. That is why you are not further along physically. We know the necessity of things to be done as a family and as the mother, but this is the Beginning Of Newness and Adjustment. There is or were words for you to hear several times. Unfortunately, your mind was on what had to be done and acted as a solid screen and there was no way to contact. It is not difficult, it just means you have to open that space you have to listen as you work and then we adjust and give short messages. There will be much frustration for people who are required to have a certain pattern of living. The reason we emphasize is because when it is needed (what you hear) the mind being on a certain path will speed up instead of calming down. It is not that everything is going to fall and it will be needed to have this pattern when things get rougher. We are reaching out to you and your agreement to let others on the site hear for the messages will come quickly. We wish you well.”



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