June 27, 2017

     “As you see, I fly faster and lower. There is much territory to cover. The day yesterday (June 26, 2017) was a cleansing with a price to pay. That is the heat that stopped you and others in their tracks. Today you see the weather is not so intense. Though you do not know the meaning of what you say, your instinctive Celestial, Ancient Words were received with surprise. Continue the short sentences though you do not know the meaning. It is a delight to them, a gift. I heard it also. WE ARE IN THE BEGINNING and soon it will become more Obvious. The coming times will take adjustment by everyone with various reactions of Dismay, Wonder, Upset, and Fear. Each day adjust yourself, meaning take time to Balance, to Create Quietness or Absorb It as it is now prevalent.


     “Peace be unto you can be said surrounded by Quiet Energy. This will help those who find themselves stressed and not their normal self. STEP BY STEP WE ADVANCE.”



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