June 28, 2017

   ‘it is accurate that the perfect Blue Sky which is clear is really in motion. You might call it a ‘cover’. There are many things that need this cover at this time. More will be given on that later.

   We, today, will change our pattern. We intend to relate the steps for a Very Important Aware Step Forward. When the mixtures of color are sealed they do not change their color at a later date. This insures the spread of the color. It cannot be destroyed until a celestial decision is made. Another change can be the addition of another color. The Masters Of Color Are In Charge. It is a well planned step to be aware of this for it will have a different feeling and a different effect on the body. This is not a concern but those attuned to color will have better understanding. It may seem unusual to again be bringing up color and yet on earth you are surrounded with it and it is also in your food. Some will ignore information on color for they will relate it to crayons used by children.

   You can call on Color In The Future. Have you noticed how some children are drawn to a particular color for it is instinctive to bring that color to their bodies. As you take this step, honor what you see for you are carrying this awareness of your color that goes with you. If you are absorbing color and are aware of it, be aware that Different Colors Should Each Receive Their Due, meaning Give Awareness And Love To Each.”


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