July 4, 2017

   “Peace be unto you. We appreciate this chance for calmer connections. (2:31 a.m.)  The announcement has been made – THE NEW TIME IS HERE. Much effort is being given and there will soon be questions asked for a variety of strange things will begin. Much information has been given but people forget. When action begins there can be guidance without words. It is a matter of being ‘tuned in’ with results being a word, a feeling, or a strong sensing. You have found yourself doing things you did not know you knew and this will happen to many others. Steadiness is important. It may be chaotic, but control of Self Is The Key. There may be a sense of too many things happening to think clearly. Again, Be Steady, Remain In Control of Self. Things will move too quickly. The time to think is after an event. Think Ahead. What words can you use to calm yourself and your body for that is the Foundation To Plan Ahead. We are in awe and thankful for those who already have shifted their thinking and awareness. God be with you and all those who are ready to use their skills, and so it is.”



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