July 7, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     (Adriane saw 12 empty chairs …very ‘fancy’. She saw a scroll like in the Jewish Temple or in a castle. I saw someone picking up a chair and moving it in position. The chairs were in a row as in a worship area around the altar.  They were shifting the chairs, and I heard “We will catch the words.” They were moving in place behind the chairs.)

     “We are quickly creating a House Of Worship. This may seem strange here but it is to make it obvious what it is for and that is CELESTIAL WORSHIP GATHERING. We speak without worry for we can call those who are to be here. (m: They are at ease. They know what they want to say and it is for you (Adriane) to, in a sense, translate for human ears.

     (m: They are seated – 12 of them. Adriane answers the questions.

# 1. What is the greatest fear that you see on earth at this time? It seems most people fear lack of control over their lives and the changed morality (morals).

# 3. ( # 2 prefers to wait.) Do the children of young age like 3 years old or a few more years show any signs of something different in behavior – that you have had contact with or what you’ve read.) “They seem to be more intelligent, they can do things like an adult would do without any life experiences to gain that knowledge between 2 and 5 years but more Self absorbed as many children are.”

#4. I am interested in schooling. It seems to be changing. Is that true? ‘Yes’. How? More regimental and rigid than allowing the free expression of teaching children to think critically, more like an indoctrination.

# 5. I speak of Music. Is this taught? Are we only speaking of small children? “We are starting there because of the time factor.” The small children are taught to sing and other children are taught the method for small children to play the violin.

#6. I like the animals as do you. I have heard horrible care of animals in various countries. – It is true that some animals are treated very badly in other countries but also true that many other countries have protected animals and taken endangered species and increased them. Many zoos no longer cage animals. They allow them to live their lives just as they did in the wild, but more protected. It is these special zoos that have saved these endangered species.

# 7. How are the flowers approached in most countries? People enjoy gardening across the world and will plant flowers in their garden across the world. There are groups that try to save endangered plants like wild medicinal plants and others.

#8. Exploration of Changes in the Sky? Celestial objects, Moon, Mars, what does he mean? Science is not doing that. They are exploring space. The most any scientists are checking on is the theory of weather changes. Real science exploring in many ways not so much looking at the sky. Solar is becoming unbelievable advanced here. There are now Solar Cells you can see through like windows and can be used as windows to generate power for the home.

#9. Is there a heartbeat that can stand for different advanced awareness of Love being expressed? A physical heartbeat? No, a symbol of the heart filled with love. It is expressed in art as heart shape symbolizing Love and higher Love is usually expressed with Gold Rays emanating from the heart. Jesus and Mary with their hearts showing gold rays because they both express unconditional love for humanity.

#10. Is Color revered at all? I would not say it is revered, but it is thoroughly enjoyed. People generally enjoy colors in their environment and clothes.

#11. I like circles. I like hidden messages sometimes in open space or open symbols that most do not see. Have you experienced what I would call a hidden message not necessarily in a circular symbol?   In written symbols I have seen hidden meaning, in art I have seen hidden meaning, in stories there are hidden meanings. Even in the Bible there are hidden meanings. ‘Can you quote a Biblical hidden meaning? Yes. One hidden meaning in the Bible would be the reference to John the Baptist as Elisha.

     (m: Suddenly I had a song pushed from my mouth. These are songs I sing in Celestial words but I do not know what is being said. They said ‘we heard, we treasure.’

#12. Speech. Is it difficult to understand other language, general speaking? Yes, when you are raised in one language it always remains primary, but you can always learn other language but it takes longer unless you learn as a child. Children absorb language faster than an adult.

#2. I have waited with purpose, not because of lack of choice. I Speak and the Clouds can Rumble. I speak and my voice advances and returns. I speak with hearing available no matter the language. I say and ask when people speak in your country can you sense additional meanings that are not verbally said? Yes. Truth and Falsehood can be picked up as vibrationally knowing in their speech. People are not aware their voice is a Light Vibration and can create or destroy simply by speaking.

     We now have a Library Of Thought. Sometimes it is the shorter answers that give the most information. We are delighted to have insight shared. It will be shared with others. We take our leave. (m: They all disappeared at the same time.)


     (Note: Elisha …information ..King James Bible….Prophet – Elisha 12 examples. )

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