July 10, 2017

     “We are aware that you are sensing that at any time there can be a message. Also we say or project a warm welcome to those Light Workers who are becoming aware of the links of information. There is a wide range of knowing and different knowing can be known from the same message. I say that so that those who see behind the words remember that not all can do so. Be patient at this time for there will be many fast words sent to you. For those who do not understand, do not feel you are being left out. Your knowing will come at different times and there are areas you know but you are not aware of them at this time. We are truly linking with carefulness and knowing. It is a gift and the understanding will come at different levels.

     We see the beginnings. We see the evil and it is mammoth in its intent. You on earth would not want to see what intent they have. Be patient for we are not allowed to give certain information. We can say that though it does not show on earth, not yet, it is without words in its attempt to rule. I would use the word Vicious. We are prepared. We know what is required. The Light Will Shine.”



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