July 10, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are coming in a round about way. We are coming en masse.” (a:There is a lot of darkness covering the Light as I am used to seeing it.) (m: They banded together – they’re moving as a unit and are very, very aware of their surroundings. What I feel is like they are linked together. They are not taking any chances. They’re ready to fight if someone comes too close. They want you to look to the Light.) (a: I see a Purple Light.) “Follow it. Stay to the Left. Behold The Light and Follow The Light.’ (a: Purple or Gold?) “Bring the two together so they touch. Anchor it. You are sealed with the flow. Marcia, your protection is moving which is why we are not describing in detail. Send a little Purple Light to your stomach area.” (m: I felt a cool breeze around me, yet it was so warm, my blouse was hot.) “You have been sanitized meaning – cleared within.

     In this meeting there and beyond we have managed to avoid the dark side and add appropriate measurements for protection of you both.   They are aware of our action. They have moved on.

     The Light will change we say again and again. It will show its power in unknown ways. Your openness in following directions is extremely helpful and so it is and so it will be.” (a: What are the Lightning Bolt ‘things’ in the Light?) “ You have seen basically the unseen. We will share and explain. (a: There are thin strands of Light flashing and moving in a global pattern – a rounded pattern. Light like a ball – the outside surface of it is flashing. When I always see the Light it is always global in the center of my third eye, like the pupil of the eye rounded and filled with Light and this time on the surface of it I saw the flashing strings of Light. In the third eye the Light I see is Purple and Gold. What I saw this time was Golden Light Flashes of string like flashing on the outside almost like it was containing the Light itself.) “They are carved emblems you might call it of a direct choice of The Ancient Light that always has been. It has been saved for this time. It is a Barrier and A Healer. It is a Protector, but approached very, very carefully. That is another reason we were linked so closely together. We had to create as it was created a safe area.” (a: Strange, extremely powerful. I wouldn’t want to go through you.)


     (m: My experience has to have some explanation first. I was sleeping and suddenly awakened and knew I had to go outside. The first thing I did was look at the moon. Directly below it there were dark clouds you would see as if they were rain clouds. There was a row of three spaced equally. As I watched, the first cloud on the left began to change and turned into the back of a man’s head and then his body formed. It was awesome to see and then the second cloud appeared with the head developing and his body showed. The third cloud changed as did the others with the head developing and then the body. The three were directly below the Moon which was directly above and in front of them – almost as if they could reach forward and touch it. It was a stunning thing to see. Then without any warning they each disappeared, starting with the man on the left. As soon as he disappeared, the next one left, and then the third one. It was a sight you would never want to miss seeing.)

     “What you saw came and went very quickly. The reason you left your bed was to see it. It was, as you saw, the images of 3 men. The rarity of them seen is beyond numbering. They were ASPECTS OF LIGHT THAT TOOK HUMAN FORM SIDE BY SIDE HONORING THE LIGHT ABOVE. This Was Not The Moon They Were Below, but so close, but Aspects Of Light The Moon Was Sharing. Once you saw it as it was to be it immediately disappeared. If you had not left your bed when you were called it would have been gone. The reason for the Viewing Of The Three Entities Of Light was to Make An Unknown Connection At The Exact Time Planned. And So, Once You came And Saw The 3 BEARERS OF LIGHT, THEY LEFT.




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