July 18, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. We have much to say. The organizing will become smoother and it is important to keep it up.

     The words being given by us or you, Adriane, are shocking some people. It is like a different language and without exception we can say they didn’t like it for it tumbled some of their views, yet it brought in Light to others. This is a pattern expected where some will accept and some will take a peak and try to remove it from their mind.

     The process of keeping up to date on messages we send will be a challenge, but knowing the inner help that it gives to others will help soften the work. We see turmoil that seems to have a pattern of appearing and disappearing and appearing again. It is like rain that comes and goes or manifests with thunder and lightning. Soon there will be lightning but no rain that follows. Even that will be ignored by most people.

     We are, as you perceived, Marcia, adding to our group. This is acceptable and the hesitation we have is to give a moment to proceed. Adriane, you know some of these people or energies well. (m: They represent energies?) “Yes. What a long, long line to reach this quickly moving time and yet we are as calm as if we had practiced up through today. It is in us, the knowing, the carnage, but especially the Light within. We see the carnage, we do not carry it for it will disappear.

     We are here for WAR. We are the LIGHT THAT SHINES BUT LIGHT THAT CAN REMOVE ANYTHING IN ITS SIGHT. Though this is not used here and no matter how dormant it is, it can be even faster than the blink of an eye. That is the different, Marcia, you were picking up – the hidden but brilliant Light that changes what is there to be annihilated or dissipated.” (a: Anything that is before them that is not of the Light burns in their Celestial Light. The LIGHT SURROUNDS THEM. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS WALK FORWARD. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO CARRY A SWORD, THE LIGHT IS THEIR WEAPON. They are an ELITE ARMY OF ARCHANGELS. THEY WEAR GOLDEN ARMOR AND WHITE CLOTHING. IT VIBRATES AT THE SAME LEVEL AS THE EVIL ONES AND OPENS A DOORWAY TO WHOMEVER ACCUMULATES IT. THAT IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO STAY BALANCED AND CLEAR YOURSELF EVERY DAY.) (m: They are very tall.) (a: Yes, they are very big.) (m: They are awesome, very awesome.) “Marcia, you are the first person from earth to see our power and to honor it. We know Adriane also saw it, but it was not a surprise to her. We want to ask you a question, Marcia. (m: Yes?) “Several.” (Yes, I am open to that.)

     “Are you alone?” (m: Yes.) “Do you stay generally more alone than most?” (m: Yes.) “Do you feel then comfortable and if so why?” (m: I love nature and daily I communicate with the plants, the birds and any other animal I see. I find I am able to have the feeling of connection with those in the sky and many have had a wave from me and answered with a sudden bright circular Light. I connect more with that beyond. It is part of my life.)

     “When we gather we remove whatever is in front of us if necessary. That is if we are in battle. We already know we will be called upon to use our skills to shine the Light quickly that we might share our Celestial Role with others. We seek no admiration, we simply are introducing ourselves to the world. We leave for now. If we appear again you may sense our presence. And now we go.”

     “Our present meeting was unexpected. They are very careful with their communication.” (a: They are not messengers like many angels that have appeared on earth. They have a different role.)



     Stand giving yourself room to both sides of your body for your arms to be extended to the side. Position you take: Stand with your two hands together at chest level, all fingers touching, palms facing the chest, thumbs straight like the fingers. Now touch your two middle fingers together at their tips.

     Action you take: Close your eyes. Imagine the palms of your hands as magnets that collect negativity. Now raise your hand in front of you to the top of your head collecting all negativity. Quickly fling your arms straight out to the side flinging all the negativity you collected in your hands away from you. Now return hands above your head, middle fingers touching, palms facing the top of your head. Do the same action as before collecting all negativity over the back of your head to your shoulders. Now fling the negativity away from you by quickly flinging arms and hands to the side. The collection and flicking should be done quickly. If done properly, you will feel a tingling or goose bump feelings in your scalp as you collect the energy. You can repeat this process 2 or 3 times, until you feel cleared.”



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