July 19,2017

     (m: I was sitting in my living room when I heard a very, very faint call of my name …Marcia. It didn’t have the energies I’m used to, I knew it was okay to answer but it was so far away that I just listened the second time. The third time I listened more carefully and heard “I am floating in space which is why it is hard for you to hear.” I said “I don’t know who you are.” She said ‘Call me a friend.’

     “I am here momentarily to advise. The battle is severe and those who have prepared for this on the upper plains are battling with all their heart and soul. The Time Is Coming When The Devious Hidden Plans Of The Evil Ones Will Appear. It Is Shocking When You See And Hear Of The Devious Plan In Progress. I have searched for you to give this message to you and others. BE ALERT. You have heard that many times but strengthen it. Think of it as solid gold that will buffer the horrors.

     It is sad to relay the negative side, the side that will AFFECT ALL, but it has been predicted and IT IS HERE. CONCENTRATE ON WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND. WATCH THAT IT DOES NOT BECOME OVERWHELMED WITH ACTIONS SEEN OR HEARD. My time is up in this space so I must go. I am glad I was able to send the message. We Are Sisters from a long ago past in GREECE. I must go.”



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