July 25, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

     “We have sent disturbing information. We expected dismay, but we were unprepared for the mental upset which is heavier than expected. It is the overpowering sense of now knowing and the lack of detail which we cannot give. We understand the process is extremely difficult. You have sensed an overly strong quietness. This is an indication of extreme action in the Celestial Realms. The fire in the heavens is strong and this may come as a surprise, but yes, there can be fire when there is war. Overall, very few people sense the turmoil. Perhaps that is a protective action that is necessary.

     We are pleased to see many on earth who are tuned, meaning listening, feeling, sensing. It is not always a pleasant feeling. Some may feel better with a connection but it is a disturbing connection at times for it stays in the mind. (a: There is Holy Fire in the heavens all the time.) “Yes, we should differentiate that aspect. Waiting is never easy. We feel the extreme careful listening of those who connect each day.”



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