July 25, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     (m: I heard the word STAR.) “ I come from afar. I speak truth and I see when a celestial group will allow me to speak. I know you Adriane, but it goes back, way back in time. Here is why I am here. Gather in your mind your strength for your body. STRENGTH HAS BEEN TOLD AS NECESSARY MANY, MANY TIMES. This Strength I refer to is a BORDER WITHIN THE SKULL. THIS MEANS AN INCH FROM THE SKULL INWARDLY SHOULD BE MENTALLY ADDED. DO AS I WAIT. (m: I SEE PURPLE AND YELLOW.) (a: I USED PURPLE, PURPLE AND YELLOW.) THIS IS A DIFFERENT BORDER PROTECTION SAFELY WITHIN THE SKULL. THINK OF IT AS A RING, A LARGE RING INSIDE THE SKULL.” (a: I thought of a helmet curved. (m: Mine is a ring.)

     (To Marcia: “I know you not yet I read you well. He said “Come with me, we will take a walk.” (a: I was walking on his left side) (m: I was unaware of Adriane’s presence.) There was mammoth space – I was thrilled at the experience. He’s not pushing or hurrying, but I’m beside Him. (a: I saw a temple pyramid ahead and walked up the stairs on the left to a landing at the top where a door was open. I waited for Marcia to arrive.) (m: He asked a strange question: “Which Side do you like?” There was complete darkness. I chose the middle. That made him smile. “Choose Again A Side. I chose the south east right side. He said “Look again, turn around. Your People Are There. Now stretch out your hand.” (a: Not your physical hand, just think of your hand forward and see it.”) There was color…I was climbing stairs. (a: Marcia was climbing the stairs on the left side coming toward me.) (m: I heard “Don’t Play, Enjoy the Feeling.” I saw a pyramid. Someone was waiting for me…it was Adriane. We went inside. I walked down the steps to the sacred altar that had a sword on it.) “Pick it up. Bring it in front of you, point down.” (a: Marcia brought the hilt of the golden sword to her forehead with the point down.) “Point it forward and take three steps. (a: Marcia walked forward three steps and stopped. “Now let the sword go.” (m: the sword floated down in front of me.) “Now step over the sword and turn around and pick it up again” (a: The sword lay in front of stairs that went up. Marcia stepped over the sword and turned around with her back to the stairs facing the altar and picked the sword back up again.) “Raise the sword straight up and let it go. (m: It went straight up and disappeared. (a: Marcia could not see it, but as she raised the sword above her head, the blade ignited with HOLY FIRE.) “You will see there are many kinds of fire. CALL THE SWORD WHEN YOU FEEL IT IS NECESSARY.” (m: Does it have a name?) We both heard “only if you give it one”. I immediately said EXCALIBUR. “We have traveled far and the results will become more understandable as time proceeds.

     Adriane said it was a Dimensional Temple – of the Spiritual Mental Plane.



     “Marcia, in this particular ceremony you were not aware of what was going on. He repeatedly kept asking you to choose a side (he was trying to get you to choose left) then finally he told you to turn around. Then, you saw a pyramid and we’re climbing stairs. He told you to turn around because you had to climb the stairs of the Dimensional Pyramid which is the opposite – like mirror image. You chose right which is left in the mirror (get it?) Trust me. Everything I wrote was said in that order whether you remember or not. Everything, including climbing the stairs on the left was what happened. Right becomes Left. Nothing can be changed from the way I wrote it because it is the way it happened. I am in my element in the mental plane. I was there to make sure I saw and heard for you. He was speaking to you through my Mental Body….he never entered the pyramid, I did. It is obvious to me you were totally spacing during this ceremony and I am sure they took the safeguard to make sure I was your guardian during this procedure.     All directions and actions are important and mean something to those capable of understanding. Please do not change any of what I said happened whether you remember it that way or not.   This is a lesson of deeper meaning meant for the future. You will not always understand or remember every nuance of some things from now on…but trust me, Even Little Things Matter. Like in biblical prophetic visions of the past the prophet did not always understand the meaning of what they heard, saw, or took part in …but…there was always an Angelic teacher present to explain at least as far as the prophet was capable of understanding.”




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