August 2, 2014

   (m: I saw a group moving around like a merry go round, finding their place. They were finding their place in a circle like a clock moves, scrambling to be in the right place, standing, making the circle.) “We are here unexpectedly and were finding our places.

   It is amazing to us to be able to connect and know that others will read our words. It has been a source of intent, that is, reaching the Light Workers. This will be short, but here is our message:

   The behavior on earth is disturbing. The amount of family killing is unreal to us. This includes those who murder their children, even the babies. We do not dwell on this, but use it as a marker of the turmoil to come. We came today to send this message:

   To those who are reading and re-reading the messages with intent we send our blessing for we observe the kindness you have toward the words. Know This – WE ARE AWARE. Your kindness, your love, your understanding is treasured by us. We wanted to find a way to encourage you and to thank you, but mostly to LET YOU FEEL OUR GRATITUDE. There are different levels of knowing yet we know the Light within. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. CONTINUE AND LISTEN WELL. Our quick gathering is to let you Hear Our Encouragement. BE STRONG FOR YOU ARE CARRIERS OF THE LIGHT.”



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