August 15, 2017

   “We begin. There have been more obvious examples of hatred in your country. Unfortunately, this will not stop. It is like an ugly door has been opened. As a result, people will feel more senses of danger and there will be lack of trust toward others. It is difficult to stay balanced when there is such ugliness in actions long hidden. We see the struggle and the heartache and dismay.

   We also see and understand the frustration as we wait and wait for change. The signs which have been more hidden in the Sky are missed by those who look for information. Notice that there has been less action in the skies and some birds are flying lower than usual. We cannot change what must be and watch sadly when there are those who turn their backs. The Battle above is fierce for much is at stake. Progress is being made but it is very slow.

   The Sounds some have been hearing are Alert Sounds, but also experiencing Energy Balancing Sounds. Most of those who are experiencing these strong sounds are comfortable with their arrival. The days seem to drag by but there is movement – some good and some movements bad.

   With the turmoil manifesting do not get so caught up that your body is affected with strain. Participating often brings about more awareness, but Stay Balanced. To all those who are hanging on, waiting, waiting, keep your Inner Self as much at Peace as possible. We Go.”



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