August 16, 2017

     “We are gathering. Peace be unto you. We have gathered groups to acknowledge the words we will give. They then will spread our message.

     We have been saddened by the hate which is now manifesting. It is part of the darkness that is sweeping the world. It is difficult to stay away from the coming turmoil. Many are already sensing trouble ahead. The war, in a sense, has begun in your country and many have also sensed this. We are scattering our energies more widely than planned previously. Darkness and Evil will come in many shapes. It is when you hear someone delight in war and death you see before you someone driven by the dark side. Those gathered here are shocked at the cold calculating that has already begun.

     This is the time to be very much aware of plots that show in spoken word. We would like to give you encouragement, a feeling of knowing that in time, the Light will Shine. Eyes and ears will see actions that have been previously covered. This is when concentration on balance should be connected. Again and again we say ‘Listen’. There are many who say ‘nothing happens’ but there must be perseverance. It takes strength in these times.

     We say to those here – take the words with you. Carefully explain what is needed. Be At Peace within.”



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