August 23, 2017

   “Listen carefully. Those who have prepared for the coming days will have to realize that at some point their Careful Mental Planning will not seem to be working. As with anything new this will take some practice and adjustment. This is a major time in the History of the Earth planet. Not all can be understood and those who like to understand and are quick minded will find that sometimes the brain seems to shut down. Do not be alarmed for it is a Necessary Shut Down and then it will return to normal.

   Do not be dismayed when others do not hear or want to hear the message warnings. It is a self-protection technique of holding on to normal days. There will be time for peace much later. You will be busy with notes and messages as you know, for you have been preparing for this for some time. Patience will be required. I go for now but will return during the late hours. Be at peace.”



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