August 29, 2017

     “There are many, many things going on in the world as is very evident. Hidden Is The Major Thing To Come. With the hundreds of people who are without home or food there is help and love being expressed. This helps in healing. The major event to come will be SHOCKING and not the help that is showing now. I have been far beyond and I see how it is now and capture the sense of what will come. Over a period of time that seemed never ending we have given an amazing list of things to be aware of and how to handle it. Much has been put aside mentally because of the length of time waiting for signs and signals that did not occur. This will not be a problem because the actions will be visible, and so I say to you and those who read between the lines, THE TIME IS NEAR. The actions will not need to be explained but at some point people will want to Stop and Listen and Think. Yes, it will overwhelm, but STEADINESS AND TRUST IN GOD WILL PULL YOU THROUGH THE DARK TIMES. I will fly by when it is possible. BE PREPARED.


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