September 6, 2017

     “We are here. The world is surrounded with problems. This has been expected but the Intensity Is Growing. This is the time when steadiness seems to waver. Still, there are many who are helping. It will take this system of help in the time to come. This is a Time Of ‘What’s Next’ As One Problem After Another Is Battering The Earth. We encourage you to realize that this pattern of one thing after another will have grave repercussions. Steadiness Is Required. The thread of events will drain some people who feel they cannot go on. This is understandable. Sometimes it just requires sitting quietly away from others and reaching inwardly for calmness and strength.

     One other subject: The Sound In The Sky cannot be expected to manifest on a clear day only. It may change depending on other circumstances. Things will seem to be a pattern of more of a steady flow of Negative Actions. Some will flow with this while other begin to consciously work at standing steady and calm. It is best to find a place to relax the mind away from the stress. This pattern will continue for some time. The disturbing part is that many will begin to weaken at what would be normal adjustment. This attitude of ‘not being able to take it anymore must be Consciously Stopped. We are in the middle of SERIOUS STEPS BEING MADE WHICH WILL CAUSE MUCH DAMAGE.   BE STRONG.



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