September 12, 2017

   “We are here.   There is now visual proof of the power of a hurricane. The devastation is far and wide. There is no way we can prepare you for what is coming for we have given guidance as to the importance of BODY AWARENESS. The concentration now, as has been said, is the Light within, the Awareness of the Inner Body. This may seem strange but it is a necessary step to follow. It is the suddenness of the next step that will affect people. These steps have been long awaited and it has been disappointing for many that they feel as if they are in school. Still, we say as we have said before, certain steps must be taken.   Do Not Become Complacent.

   The purpose of the next steps is CHANGE. Change that is SWIFT and PERMANENT. It is, as said before, a difficult overpowering experience. Some may say ‘why me’? The answer is this was agreed to before birth. At first and immediately – there will be no time to think why? The mind will begin to race with thoughts of what to do. As said before, do not panic. This is not like walking steps, it is grasping quickly steps to take. Remember that there is Guidance and Help Within.   We go for now.



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