September 18, 2017

     “As said before, the messages will be quick. As things become more intense the energies will flow, another reason for quick response. This Is When Things Begin To Get Attention. They may be small or large, but never see the small as something to be ignored or given less importance. It will take STRONG DETERMINATION FOR ALL. The Light Workers I speak to now:   LISTEN WELL. THIS IS THE TIME. SHIFT SO THAT YOUR AWARENESS BECOMES STRONGER AND YOUR GUIDANCE THERE TO BE RECEIVED.

     A Rumble can be very disturbing, but listen to it as something there but don’t let it overpower your balance. You, too, will have much coming your way. If you cannot understand the meaning, let it pass to look at later. Do not crush your knowing because understanding does not come as fast as when you and outer events are calmer. It will take DETERMINATION, you know that, but let it flow and not overcome energies that are squeezed together. I speak again these words to take within – BE ALERT, BE STRONG, and HAVE FAITH IN WHY YOU ARE HERE. I go now but will appear again and again in different forms. BLESSED BE.”



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