September 27, 2019

     “We are here with much to say. The words will not always be well received but Truth Is Woven Throughout. We have said many times that there will be fast moving reactions in the coming days. This has not changed but we are adding more details. LISTEN CAREFULLY.

     There is already much suffering and it will increase. This cannot be avoided unless more help is provided in needed areas and when major changes come it will take time for change. It is during these times that PERSONAL STRENGTH MUST EXPAND. Patience, too, will be needed. We are very aware of many who have given up. They will pay a high price for their choice.

     When the heart starts pounding with fear, little fast steps must be taken. Because of newness and speed of change there will not be time to have all the needed advancements made. For those who are used to order and step by step daily actions, there will be frustration for they will find there is no time to follow a usual pattern. There will be a feeling of smallness as the majestic of the world spins and turns. Life will become a LIVING BEING OF CHANGES AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE IT.

     When feelings become overwhelming it is best to stop and be aware of SELF – the INNER SELF. We say that again and again. Keep in mind that the Light Will Shine and the World will feel the Strength and Love that will prevail. You were born for this time. PLAY YOUR PART, GIVE HELP WHEN YOU CAN AND BE PART OF THE NEW AGE, THE NEW BEGINNING.”


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