October 3, 2017

     “We have with us today numerous others who may choose to speak. We shall begin with awareness known of what seems unimaginable, that is, so many brought to their death by one man. He will pay for his choices. These events are sometimes destroyers of faith yet the Light Will Prevail, they will leave memories.

     We see what would appear to be a devastating long line of misery and loss.   This cannot be explained at this time. Many will question what is to come. Know that explanations cannot be given. Somewhat like a puzzle, there must be pieces that come together to see the entire picture. This is the time when Balance Needs To Shine Its Force. We ask our first speaker to come forward.

     “I am here to speak from a different mindset. I am an observer who sees through different layers. I then share my insight with others. Timing is my skill. I perceive instantaneously, I observe and see in layers symbolizing layers of knowing at a glance. Hear this:
     The sunshine will seem far away. The views, at times, will also seem far away for I see past, present and future at a glance. You will see and not understand for at present there will be a line of understanding to achieve. Be patient when words come to you for it will take time for understanding to uncoil its cover.
     There are already many ships very close to earth. They will remain silent for the time being, but know that they are there. The first sighting will be seen with awe, but there will be many who will experience a fearful reaction. Do not get caught up in their reactions. The days may seem long but Without Warning the Signals Will Sound.   Be At Peace.”



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