October 5, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here in threes. It is unusual for us to reach out in the evening but we are thankful, Adriane, that you called. This is what you might call a sobering message, meaning not easy to hear. Our words have been discussed and we will be giving them very, very carefully. Adriane, you will begin to piece what we say together and when there is an appropriate manner open, please give your comments. And so, we begin.

     This period of time is difficult even for us to speak of. The reason is the complexity of all that is involved. There is no way that we can lay out certain events and give the reason, nor can we explain more than what we give. However, if you, Adriane, have a particular question or comment you may ask.

     # 1. The Time Is Here For Removal Of Many. The time is here for Confusing Actions     that have already begun. You will hear it said by others something to the effect the world has gone crazy. This will add to confusion and that will lead to decisions that are not wise.

     # 2. I know you both but that is not to be discussed at this time. You both have heard or read over and over that It Will Be A Difficult Time. THAT TIME IS HERE. You do not see, but those who are with their ships see it quite clearly and they are bracing for the beginning.

     # 3. I see much but I repeat little. I see what is to be and I will choose my words very carefully. This TIME HAS BEEN PRODUCED IN EONS OF TIME LITTLE BY LITTLE AND SOMETIMES LARGE MAMMOTH STEPS FORWARD. My role is the VISUAL ASPECT. This is easy for me, but I am very, very careful as to how and what I speak. YOU MAY HEAR MY WORDS ALMOST IN DIFFERENT FORM OR SOUND FOR I COVER MUCH AND IT COMES TO ME QUICKLY. Now we all say what has been said many, many times before and that is Listen Very Carefully To Each Word and so we begin.

     Stretch your knowledge Adriane. Remember times past. Reach out and they will come to you quickly and you will know what to share. Marcia, your role will surprise you. It is not necessary to discuss it now for it will come to you and we believe you already know this.

     The Signs Have Been Given and they will appear as said. However, we are firm in our belief that both of your instincts will be there for you. Begin now to become aware of your body and make sure that however it is possible, that you begin to be more aware of it. You are surrounded which explains why one of your dogs is barking a lot.

     I see GREEN and that is good. The extra colors that you both have in your outside area will be helpful. YELLOW, is, of course, good to have around you and we do see it. THE SOUNDS WILL COME AND THAT WILL BE YOUR SIGNAL TO TAKE COVER IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE WITH ANIMALS THOUGH THEY WILL BE LOOKED AFTER. We wish to give the title for this message. It is AND SO WE BEGIN WITH DARKNESS AND LIGHT. SAY IT, WRITE IT AS GIVEN.

     Now we would like to pause for we feel that you, Adriane, may have a statement or question. Begin. (a: I don’t really have a statement, the only thing is I feel a difference in space.) “That is correct for it is changing rapidly.” (a: I feel a difference in the mental energy (cosmic). “That also is correct. Be prepared in sensing suddenness.” (a: I’m feeling more of a connectiveness with cosmic mental energy. It is not as chaotic as it has been.) “You see and divine it clearly. Those who have the capacity for telepathy will no longer find they are blocked. It will be a whirlwind of energies.” (a: Question: Are we in The Eye Of The Storm?) “YES”. (a: That should mean that there is a low. That means we have gone through part of the storm.

     (m: Will Sound Be The First Thing Heard On Earth as a separate thing – just sound?) “It will be SOUND AND FURY. THE FURY WILL BE A MASS OF CONFUSING SOUNDS AND ADDITIONAL ENERGIES.” (a: What will it shatter?) “That is a good question. JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS IN ITS WAY.” (a: Will it shatter illusion and show reality?) “It will show parts that are not the same but it will not be a total erasing. That must come in steps. You (both) will have the protection you need and you may see wonders that flash before your eyes. Do Not Look Directly At The Sun but you will see ancient signs in the sky. This will be for some Light Workers like seeing home again.” (m: To me they say ‘write what you can – descriptions’.)

     We are here from a long time away. We are here to work together as 3 conjoined. We are your guides you might say and we will say, though probably not necessary, that you will feel and hear the connections. There may be a guided statement to call one another. This is so we can replace to two at one time. The messages will be short though we may also have longer more comfortable messages of preparation. You may be surprised at how you ‘fit in’ when guidance is given.

     The MAIN REASON WE HAVE COME IS TO HAVE YOU BOTH READY FOR COMMUNICATION. THIS ALSO IS MEANT TO INSPIRE LIGHT WORKERS who may sense shorter words we send.” (a: Will the merkaba be needed again?) “Yes”   (a: merkaba – Reaching Highest Sources Of Energy – Divine Light Vehicle used by Ascended Masters To Connect With and Reach Those In Tune With The Higher Realm. Ka means spirit – ba means body. It is a wheel within a wheel like Ezekiel saw.)

     2 – 1 – Triple   2-1-100           Numbers may surprise you both but if you hear it, write it down even if you do not know the meaning. We are pleased that our connection has been made. We will reach out and deliver news that we want you to hear even if the meaning is not known but it may come later. We go and we shall return.

*   *   *


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