October 31, 2017

     “We see that things are clearer from our last steps. The outlook of the major thought processes presently manifesting on earth is stunning in how it is as if it is spreading. It is the casualness of horrific killings, sometimes an entire family. It is like a creeping disease.   Obviously, these people should be avoided, but often the signs don’t show. There is so much mental turmoil. It is like trying to dodge something poisonous without seeing or knowing it is close. Those who can sense problems to come should do what they can to alert those who may be involved.

     We also see the withdrawal of many and perhaps that is necessary at this time. Only time will tell. There is a lull right now. Look within is said many times but most people are aware of other things to be done and the suggestion is ignored. The emptiness you sense is partly human reactions you feel, but also that from beyond. It will change. Like walking a long way and not seeing treasures, one must stop and sense what is around you. It is a Singular Time, meaning the Self must be realigned. What this means is being still and letting energy settle in a quiet way. Persevere, take small steps. We will return.



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