November 1, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     ( *We are here today for a different pattern. This is appropriate as earth is processing different patterns. The Pattern of Earth is different than what we expected. It is not and has not been major, but it well may be. We see killing planned as never before. We observed that in the previous message we spoke of this. Like opening a door we find that it is like something sliding at great speed. We add to this that the speed is quite visible. Now that we have scanned the basics let us move on. The Shattering Of Life is a very upsetting experience for there is no going back and in the case or action we refer to there is a helplessness which adds to dismay for what is totally done. Because this is a rare experience and rarer more because of the time and intent, it will Shatter Life. Nothing we can say will help for some time. We see this and our hearts go forward.”)

     (a: The opponents of the Light have a deep foothold in fringe political groups in America. They have infiltrated these groups to encourage violence and soon they will act. They have used their unhappiness to make them justify in their mind that this violence is necessary to get their way. It is a far left political group. They may rename themselves and other names may pop up. They Are Going To Declare War In America.They Are Militant Political Groups Inciting Violence To Get Their Way. They Are Being Used As Pawns Of The Dark Side.

     The Violence that is going to happen unfortunately is because we are on our way, well on our way to becoming a 5th Dimensional Service to Self World which means a Lot Of Violence because people believe their way is the only way. We see that happen more and more. Hopefully, we will get tired of the Constant Battle Over Who’s Right and Move Pass It. These people coming out of these groups will be guilty of SEDITION against the U.S. Government. (sedition – the stirring up of discontent, resistance or rebellion against the government in power.) They are encouraged by the Dark Side to take their political unhappiness farther and use violence. At the mental level how it’s being handled is by the Dark Side and their encouragement of violent levels. There will be bombing.”

     (* We see not through your eyes, but as we see the words fit and it is helpful to know the background that will bring this forward. We have a much better understanding of what is to come or as you said has already begun. It can be particular people or to do damage as disruption that they can. One group wants to kill people, the other group more politically directed – rallies for example. The other group will do as much damage as they can. Other groups will pick more of political rallies or even political conventions. We close with these words:

     Surely, we say, this will happen. It will be told to those who will be prepared with the Knowledge Of What Is To Come. After hearing we thank you for we have a much better understanding. It would have manifested but this gives the deeper understanding of the Spread Of Dark Energy that we Already See. This is more of a pathway of understanding. It may be or will be very disturbing to those who read and understand. They may be surprised that they already sense what has been told and as a result the knowing is coming together as to some incidents they have already wondered about. Step by step we go forward, but the ROAD IS LONG AND DIFFICULT.”




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