November 7, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are for the day. The days fly by and this is noticed by many as a pulsing thing. The speed will continue and different patterns will have to be taken. Trying to keep things the same will not work and so we begin.

     The Horrors Of War will begin slowly. War comes in many shapes, but some will cause fear. It may seem like this is spoken of too often, but in fact, it will happen too often. It is important that fear does not overtake the mind. When things happen that are new there is more of a pattern of increasing fear. Those who read these words are understanding, at the times other find it annoying. ‘Why don’t they talk about something else has been said.’ It would be more comfortable, but knowing may save lives. It is awareness we intend in our words. When things speed up, one after another, take time to mentally observe the speed of your mind.

     There has been extremely devastating loss of Life. There will be more. This is not said easily, but we send it as a mental knowing which will add to dismay for some, but a chance to buffer the mind and the body.

     We see that many are what we call ‘on edge’. Without awareness and intent or control we say what may be obvious, to prepare for future events. The children in some cases may surprise you in their strength and that is all we care to say about their reaction. Peace is difficult when you are surrounded with devilish actions. Use your mind carefully and do not let it ‘run away’. We seek an answer to a question. When there are killings, is it common in your country to see a pattern of it following? (a: Yes. Lately, I can say yes, it has been. We see it as a storm or a cyclone. We, of course, were aware of it happening, but not at the speed we already see. We can only guide and give support.

     (a: It would seem that the mentally weak or the mentally unstable are being easily swayed. When one of these incidents happen it gives them courage to act on their own impulse and therefore we will see two or three happen at a time, very close together. Other people get hysterical, they can’t process properly.)

     (* Take time we say, take time, we come close to make this awareness with our energy. There will be BLANKETS OF ENERGY SEEN IN THE SHAPE OF A CLOUD. The purpose is a softening. You may wonder how this can be. It is like falling versus landing hard and landing easily. Hear this, Adriane, be more alert at this time we are referring to. Knowledge does not always defend. Add KNOWING.)   (a: Is this a ground fog?) (* Yes, not in the sky, on the ground, it is a cloud on the ground formed on the ground, not the Sky. It blankets the ground and causes a softening effect. What did you mean by ‘to defend’? If it is a softening effect what is there to defend?) (*It is frightening when sight does not show other than whiteness. It will bring forth, we call it shock, for those who are reacting too quickly, for calmness is needed.) (a: I have been in this situation 3 times in my lifetime.) (m: When the fog lands, what follows?) (* Static, more than one kind of static, electricity, nothing moves, STATIC WITH SOUND. (a: Why would that be when it’s suppose to soften the energy coming in? (*It’s a crackling sound probably not heard before.) (a: What is the purpose?) (* It carries the ENERGY OF GOD LIKE A FLASH. It is that which will Invade The Spirit. (a: Shouldn’t that be a good thing? (* Only if one is prepared for it.) (a: Should the energy be absorbed by the ones who can absorb it?) (* Carefully.)

     To Adriane:   We appreciate the searching of clarity. It pieces words and knowing which we did not plan. What we are seeing from your knowing is there are those who will recognize what you might call the next step. We did see this as a knowing until we heard the questions so we are very pleased that the Light was included. We go and we will re-think our next words.”


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