November 9, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “When there is turmoil that draws attention, you already see that there is increase in behavior and increase in actions. There is nothing that we can say to give hope at this time. The lines must be played out. We can, however, give Guidelines as to Reactions and Assistance. We have thought on the message of the previous day and we have created a few questions. (To Adriane) In the evening where you are is that a good time to communicate? (a: No. That would not allow a dialog.) Second question. As we see a terror developing we feel that some notice should be made. However, we do not want to create panic. We see both choices and would like to hear your feelings. (a: I would suggest using something as the situation develops.) “We understand and we will proceed. Listen carefully to the words.

   We see on our screen, you might call it, the situation which will cause shock. We feel that there is a knowing of this possibility. Often we say “be prepared” but there is little that will help before actual action. We will say it has been carefully and quietly planned. You, meaning both, will need to be alert for messages to come through. We Cannot Interfere With The Outcome. It must play out by those who are already preparing. We are thankful for the connected time that allowed for better presentation.

   There will be thoughts running through your heads and others. We feel you sense what is coming but will not draw attention at this time. We will be ever present to give help at various times. We are sad and there will be many others who will feel the same. Listen, for we will appear at different times. We go for now feeling a more understanding connection. We will say this – THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE LIGHT TO STEP FORWARD. STEP FORWARD IN YOUR BEING. Those who read these words will soon know the meaning. We go.”



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