November 14, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “We are planning carefully our current messages, meaning this one. We have much thought to many connections involving words. We say that for you may sense a different energy. It is turmoil on earth and that is obvious. This makes people of different countries uneasy though they may not show it. It seems to many to drag on for there were words implying soon. This is still true, but difficult to relay. We have already seen and perceived that which is the deaths coming that cannot be missed for it is shown or told, and yet many ignore for they cannot cope with the words and the images.

   What we have spoken of recently is still true and that is danger coming. You see, there has been a change of wording. We rely on the Light Workers. More than they know at this time will be very helpful and knowing will flow. It may surprise them as to how quickly they understand steps to be taken. Be alert, we acknowledge has been said many, many times. It still applies.”

   (m: They asked me to “Talk The Light” – we will guide if you are in need of direction. Proceed.” It took me a few moments to adjust to ‘saying’ as I usually sing it. These are words that I do not understand from way back in time but they know. The only one I remember is E MA NA HA but I do not know the meaning.)   “We now have a better connection. The meanings will not be told.”

   We understand that many who read our words are frustrated and annoyed. We are guided by what we can say and what steps to take. We understand the frustration, but must always be as guided from Above. Certainly we see advancement from the dark side, but it is not time to reveal. We are told that if Beings who know or sense what will be to carefully guard your words. The difficult part is that it will be sudden and too late to think through the process. This is when you follow your Inner Guidance. We have suggested being aware of Signs. This does not mean circulating the information. It is only to help you be prepared. We have learned much and have already begun what we intend to say in the next message.



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