November 15, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “We have taken some time to share individual thoughts. We are, for the most part, in sync with the presentation. It has been a somber meeting of the minds. We are deliberately pausing and will follow this stop-start. Adriane we invite your information and will give our response. We see now a clearer view. There are many ships near the earth and many signs in the sky that are ignored except for those who know their meaning. Adriane, how can we reach others without some negative response as to descriptions we feel we should say.” (a: Using words that carry strong emotion here on earth will terrify people using the word terrify, horror and slaughter carry very strong emotion with the word and it is not necessary. It can be explained with less emotional words. The idea is to inform, not to paralyze with fear.) “It is difficult with what we see.” (a: Using references to other past happenings on earth would describe what you wish to convey. Using Biblical references will help to convey what you wish people to know. It is the specific words that carries fear emotion that I wish to avoid. It is just a few certain words. A description that people can relate to without using a word. Something that has happened in the past that describes what you are trying to say, a global thought, not an emotion.)

   “We see much dismay for there is so much turmoil in so many languages. The hurt and the inner sorrow is so sad to perceive. They are trapped and they know it. We are referring to those who want and need to flee and there is no way out. The inhuman treatment of women and children is sickening. The despair would lead to more suicide but even that cannot be done. We see and feel their sadness and it is a dismaying view. This we know will continue with beginning mental problems and then they are killed after seeing their children killed. We see ahead such dismay at things that people cannot avoid. It is this viewing, this knowing that will begin worry and wonder what will happen in the world. There is a knowing in many that responds to this truth and yet on the surface they are expected to lead a normal life. You know and we know this cannot be done. People turn away but like water it spreads and then you have upset, mental problems and suicides. The knowing you have, Adriane, will be difficult as it becomes stronger. You know how to handle it, but you also know it will be difficult. At some point you will see the animals responding as they feel the sadness or change yet do not know the source.” (a: If it is affecting the animals it will also reverberate in the earth itself. Say it in such a way people can understand in a more descriptive way, Biblical happening again.)

   “We see blood, we see surprise, we see fear.” (a: Why do you see blood?) “The earth shift is beginning in small but deeply destroying ways. It is time for the slowly shifting to begin. This means jolts, building collapsing, and further fears already in place will begin to manifest in a deeply fearful way.” (a: What do you mean fears already in place.) “People would have to hide to not know there is fear destroying actions.) (a: By what?) “An uncommon unknown prepared bomb. It is difficult to say the word but it is not like it is not known. It will happen in an unexpected time and unexpected way. Though many expect or wonder, it will become a shock to all within reach. It is powerful to speak of these things, we can only say Prepare, Prepare. Prepare mentally and know what will happen. “We can only say BE STRONG, BE AWARE and BE IN CONTROL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR FEARS.” (a: Continuation of the Change Piece by Piece, man’s inhumanity – women and children – earth plates moving – bomb, continuous happening of change. Many things will happen in many different places. Society changes – Humanity, Earthquakes, Political Changes, Natural Disasters. A STRING OF THINGS.”



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