November 21, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “The world-changing is now well known. It is obvious in many different ways. The most shocking change is the non-stop flow of killing by parents, by self, and by other obvious steps. We have considered for the next two days a somewhat different approach which you, Adriane will understand after a brief review, and so we begin.

   Hours of giving clues over the years and hours of information direct and truth have continued to this day. We know many, many have given up and felt patience is a word they don’t want to hear. So many angelic entities have contributed and through understanding length being needed we see other recently who have totally walked away. This is sad but it is their choice and we do not interfere. Too Late They Will Regret The Path They Have Taken. And so, we begin.

   The major step or we could say the most visible step will begin shortly. When there are new things to earth, that becomes a big step for people and animals to adjust to. Like wearing new clothes, all must adjust – they cannot hide and they cannot think of Life as normal. It is necessary to have the knowledge that adjustment must be made.

   Adriane, we are being careful in how we deliver these words: 2 and 2 make a common connection. It is when 2 and 2 add a number as 3 that there is a very, very strange connection. (Adriane heard powerful connection.) Listen patiently. We see the beginning of this grouping, meaning two and two and three. We go no further on explaining this particular step. Next will be new to you. Again, Listen Carefully. 2 and 2 can split. They not only change their power but they also go in different directions for contact. It is this re-direction of both 2’s that will shatter with Sound and Fury. For you both we say two words – Brace Yourself. We feel, Adriane, a question, but ask that you wait further. The length of time of this division will depend on unknown results. The pressure, Marcia, that you feel at this moment is clearly affecting and receiving by a particular section of the brain. (m: This was from the nose up about four fingers turned sideways, pass the forehead to the hair line and then back four fingers width.) That is your protection. For you, Adriane, protection will require a “central movement at the top of the head stopping where you feel it should stop. (a: Why do I need protection?) It is New. (a: What is ‘IT’?) It is Mammoth Eons Of Energy Development. (a: Marcia and I are not the only two entities on earth. There are Billions of Entities here. Why do we need protection of a special kind when they will have none?) It is not that they will have none, but that It Is Different. (a: How so?) Because you both are in almost constant connection with the outer world. (a: Outer world or Inner World?) BOTH. (a: The outer – we have grosser energy, the Inside World is Finer Spiritual Energy. I can’t speak for Marcia, but I’m in contact with the inner world. Outer world physically, the outer dimensional world and the plane of existence where those waiting to be re-incarnate exist. Some people call them ghost reincarnated.

   There comes a point in spiritual development where the Outer World ceases to exist for you and the inner spiritual world becomes your reality. There are also dimensional worlds, but in yourself and exist only for those who have become aware of their spiritual true self. That is why Spiritual Masters exist beyond the physical world. They exist beyond the physical world which is the universe. They exist within the spiritual field itself and it is the goal of every soul to attain that existence.)

   “ You will be surprised when all hell breaks loose for It Will Be A Different Pattern Than Known. This will cause Fear For It Will Be New. (a: People on earth need to have a Spiritual Change in order for the earth to move upward to the 5th dimension and all the physical warnings will do nothing to move them spiritually forward and upward. We will proceed the next day. Stop concentrating on things, more spiritual and less physical. Adriane will give you new information.”


   ( Adriane could not make it the next day so there was no message.)

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