November 29, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “This will be an explosive turn of events. We mean by that we will have some carefully planned different information to hear. It may seem out of place but as we travel with the words you will see the base of our presentation. Be Prepared. (a: What Dimension are you from?) The 25th dimension and we hasten to say that very little is known of our planet of Dimensional Level. This is why we stated that what we said originally about it seeming out of place is because of the unusual distance and unusual opportunity to hear and communicate.  (a: Do you work for the First Cause Of All?) We go beyond that. We usually have no communication link so our work, as you call it, is, you might say, out of sight and out of mind. We ask for your patience and we do have questions to ask. (a: I have one more question. If you are not working for the First Cause why are you getting involved with such a low density?) We were sent. (a: By whom? Describe it the best you can and I will interpret it.)

     We are honored with the careful involvement of the two of you. The care shown is known to allow new information to be given. The BEING, the LIGHT, is not known, but we will take what you said. We were sent by the unknown CITY OF LIGHT which has Mammoth Beings. The one you may know or remember is Christ Like. The beauty of all involved in this category is awesome in sight and sound. You may know from before time for we quickly sensed that some aspect of you knows this Being Of Light. We see in you and the opening of knowledge or knowing that you will sense, but be surprised that the door has opened to you.

     (a: The City Of Light is an energy source, a spiritual energy source with Beings that are Conscious Energy. The Masters of the planes below draw their energy from this source. It is a CELESTIAL CITY.) That is true. Your established comments amaze us that you can remember though you are in the density you live in. To see the mess of the Earth World is disturbing. We do not reach for connections but have made this connection and so we proceed. There are many people on earth who see beyond the surface and see the turmoil coming. This is not to say they have any connection with us but we were advised to become aware of the earth, a guidance we wondered if it could be. We see it can and so we say this:

     The earth is splattered with evil intent. Most who are aware, very carefully keep their intentions carefully hidden. You, Adriane, are only partly aware but we know you can expand and we are here to ask you to strengthen and spread your awareness. This will include things or even people that is, individuals who will surprise you. Being aware of these Beings does not mean they can be stopped, but knowing will strengthen guidelines for both.

     Knowing is not always easy. It is a burden and a protection. It will Strengthen possible choices of action. We would like to again speak and can give further guidance. Be At Peace for The Light Will Shine.”



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