November 29, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are pleased with the progress that was made previously. We are, as you see, or hear, speaking more slowly. There is a reason for this that we will not give at this time. We feel we have made giant steps forward in one communicative information. Now, Adriane, listen on two levels, and so we begin.

     Coming, as is known, is full of problems and terror. There is nothing that can change that as it is, you might call it, the future plan. Here, we hesitate as we move carefully forward so listen widely.   The Colors Necessary For Help Are Varied. At times it is the choice made by the person involved. It is not always one color for all. The colors we say for you both may feel somewhat awkward. Listen well. PURPLE IS THE BASE AND BLUE IS THE SURROUNDING COLOR FOR PROTECTION ON CERTAIN ADVANCES OF ENERGY, THE STRONGER THE ENERGY, THE WIDER THE COLORS. That has not been emphasized enough. We suggest to or for the two of you that PURPLE become the VERY CENTRAL COLOR.   SOAK IN IT MENTALLY if necessary. THE BLUE COLOR SHOULD SLIDE IN THE DIRECTION MOST NEEDED.

     We turn now to a difficult step. Once you have the two colors in place it may be necessary to Mentally See Them Placed As Is Most Evidentially NEEDED. As to time for action, we cannot say. That has been told. This requirement, of course, is a Warning Notice. This would be and is out of reach for an entire planet. We can only say that The Body Will Be Your Key To Something Happening and Also Animals Reacting With Fear. Calmness, of course, is as necessary as can be created. Having said this, the OBVIOUS CALMNESS YOU CAN CREATE FOR AND AROUND SELF IS YOUR BEST GUIDE.

     (a: What do you mean as having purple as your Base? Do you mean below or as a whole thing as a base like a base coat of paint that is under everything?) We feel that creating a base coat, though we know it possible, would take too much time. However, if you are speaking of Self and have this ability, we say ‘Do So’.   (a: Many Pleiadians are in the center.) “We will resume. We are changing some of our messages. Adriane, we appreciate the advanced information and were not aware of the scope of the information from you. We were checking to become more familiar with the information you gave.

     1 and 1 makes, we’re told, is a beginning learning for young children. We say for you and Marcia that the 1 and 1 that makes 2 will be very, very busy. We are, of course, speaking of the both of you and because of the difference in knowledge, but also because of the skills you each have, we send this message:

     ‘When you communicate over the Sky, Speak Slowly For As You Know, There Are Many, Many Beings and Ships there. We say this because you both are very connected to the above and this can cause a speed up in your speech. No matter the skills, we urge you to speak clearly and somewhat lesser speed than your normally speech. (a: Do you mean when we channel you want me to speak slower?) YES. (a: I only speak words on earth – my normal communication is not with words. It is mind to mind.) You see the complexity involved and we assume that as you have been doing, the words are what we need.

     We find that there are many verbal connections made by LightWorkers that do not always reach their goal. We simply bring this attention to them to slow down what they say. (m: They asked me to sing to them – a Celestial Song …one I never know is going to be sung or what is said. I did and it was very emotional. This explanation is repeated for those who have not read previous descriptions.) “We hear the Celestial Words you have given. Do not regret that you do not know the meanings of it will eventually come to you. We know what has been said and that is all we can say on it. Do not be distressed for the time will come when the veil will slide and you will know the meanings. … Adriane, we have a few questions. When the Earth shifts, do you feel there will be a warning notice for Adriane to be distributed? (a: No. I may get a warning but no, it will not be distributed. The experience has to be experienced at the 3d level. (m: They didn’t understand.) (a: Which shift are they talking about, the Continental Shift or the Dimensional Shift, Land Mass Shift or Dimensional Mental Shifts. In other words, a Physical Shift or an Energy Shift – which are you talking about? “They are intertwined.” (a: Not at this level. The awareness is too dense to realize the connection. They experience it as separate. Everything is dual.)

     “We see more clearly. We ask this – do you fly mentally to specific areas knowingly?” (a: Yes.) Now we understand better and have already adjusted this and our future plan. We are, we know, in areas and information unknown. Still, there may be many changes that some or more Earth Beings of Light do not know. Bringing this to attention will help them, on their own, to explore and receive understanding and we thank you for that. We feel closeness. Do you know why? (a: Because when you feel closeness, we are of one mind.) Ah, we feel this will be a pleasantly rather unbelievable information to take back to our space and we then will meet again on the prescribed earth talks. We thank you both and we have leave.”


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