“If you have read this message before December 14, read the added new information
at the end.” 

December 5, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We came a different route. We see in one part of the country the devastating fires. We also see how this will be a challenge as other steps begin to manifest. At the beginning, now we would like to ask you, Adriane, a question before we begin our own words to give. When we see energy approaching the earth in lightening speed, is it true that this energy is mainly absorbed by the earth and not visually known? (a: Yes, it is absorbed and assimilated and not generally known. However, the energy coming from the Sun is seen.) * That is very helpful. (m: I think he is new in this group.) *Yes, that is true. (a: People see the aura which expands beyond its normal visibility. The extra energy causes the aurora to expand across the earth much further than is normal.)

     “May it be said that these words I give to you ARE SACRED. This may explain the very, very careful way of speaking. I give you now NEW THOUGHT. Think before you create your reply for there are many listening.   I FORSEE HORROR. This is not new I’m told, but it is a fact that should be said. When, on earth, evil spreads, that is when there is an overwhelming change that affects the earth and the people in it. It is necessary to try to be somewhat separate in the middle of NEW DISASTROUS SITUATIONS. This is not easy but one should mentally make an effort to, in effect, SUPPORT YOUR BRAIN BY SURROUNDING THE THOUGHTS WITH CAREFUL DESIRE AND CAREFUL STEPS FORWARD. This obviously, is not new, but it will be a definite determination Not To Be Caught Up In New Dangerous Experiences. It is DETERMINATION To Not Let Your Brain, Your Thoughts Get Out Of Control. STEEL IS LIKE THE DETERMINATION REQUIRED YET MAKING IT AS A CONTROLLED ACTION WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.

     WHY WILL BE A COMMON QUESTION.   This cannot be given in detail but to destroy the dark, to have room for the Light, there must be SERIOUS CHANGES. This is not to frighten, but it is by me being carefully given for balance to also be part of that which will be needed. I go early, meaning now unless you have a question. (a: No.) Thank you, my work is done. There are others here to speak.”

     “As you may have gathered this was so serious we hardly moved. On the surface it does not say enough information, but when the time comes the message will fall in place and having the Word, IT WILL GIVE TIME FOR THE QUICKNESS OF MENTAL PREPARATION. We feel the impact for we have been told that THIS TIME ON EARTH WILL BE LONG REMEMBERED. HAVE FAITH AND COURAGE AND DO NOT HIDE, FOR THE LIGHT WILL SHINE.” (He was suddenly gone.)


     (a: Thoughts are energy. The brain is a physical thing. Thoughts do not come from your brain. They come from your mental body which is energy. The brain interprets this mental body energy into words. Pure thought energy is what makes up the mental body and is beyond words, it is pure sentience, pure knowing. The Mental Body can be partially accessed in the beginning from the Third Eye, but its full access is through the Crown chakra. The mental realm is accessed through your Higher Chakra system. Mental Thought Energy is to the brain what the Lower Chakra System is to the Body. The Mental Body has its own chakra system of more refined energy and it is this system of refined chakras that accesses the Higher Dimensions beyond the 7th Chakra.

     Your Brain and Mental Body become a separate system after the 7th Chakra is accessed, complete control of use does not come until the 9th– 12 Chakra Dimensions. To put it simply, God-realization is not the end of development, it is the beginning of your Pure Mental Spiritual Development. The opening of the 3rd eye allows people to begin access and when they reach God Realization through the 7th Crown Chakra, it is like turning the universe inside out, what you once perceived as outside of yourself now resides with you. It all happens naturally, as a Development of the Spirit. Learning to be still, to cease thought and words seeking the Light through the third eye, will allow the spirit to access the mental realm where mind becomes pure light sentience.)


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