December 12, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We have purple we have spoken of and we are surprised that the color is not used more on earth. It is strong and we have mentioned that before. We feel that much of the information is like running water. It is read and then it goes on its way. It could be the closeness to Christmas, but is somewhat disturbing. It is like reading something and then saying ‘what’s next’ without thinking further on the information given.

     We would like to discuss the possibility of information that may take some long remembering on your part. We go back in time and messages seemed easier, but then there was not the same major step as now. We are very aware of conflict as it seems that the huge amount of guidance is just scanned and forgotten. Even when things are pointed out in the Sky, there is little reaction. We see the fires and that is a sign of progression, but again, little thought is given except for the shock of losing everything. Having said that we shift and proceed.

     This is like a lull in time and only a few and very, we’ll call it, are tuned. We are considering what you might call a separate path. We felt it too advanced but perhaps that is not accurate.” (m: There was a long pause. A different female entity appeared.) “I would like to speak. I have permission. This will give them a little time to recreate. I am OF THE LIGHT, but I seldom speak. I saw the opening and have permission.   There are many people on earth ‘at their wits’ end’. The stress and the uneven guidance for countries is sad to see. There are so many problems and they will continue. There is not the usual feeling of this time of year though it would seem so. There are just too many changes and too many problems. Awareness should be used to find balance for the energies of people are out of sight and up and down. Stress is prevalent and there is a conscious effort to create some peace, but when you lose your home to fires that is so difficult.

     It is important to step back and find some moments of quietness. I wish you peace and send this thought to remember – to Stop and Rest, even if it is a Short Time. I would like to send sprinkles of Light but it would take too long to get there.”   The group spoke: “We are having quite a discussion and would like to present it tomorrow.”


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